Glenwood Drive Community Garden

The Glenwood Drive Community Garden is a shared space for all who enjoy the beauty of nature, growing their own food, or just getting their hands dirty!  It is located behind the John Calvin Christian Reformed Church on Glenwood Drive in Truro.  The garden first opened in 2013 with about a dozen families from the church and surrounding community growing food, flowers and friendships together.

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The Glenwood Drive Community Garden is a place of beauty, fellowship and peace for growing, learning, eating and having fun.
In the Spring of 2014 a significant expansion was made to the garden including the installation of a deer fence surrounding the entire half-acre area, some accessible raised beds, and a lot more gardeners. This past summer 28 families gardened in over 40 plots in the garden! We have lots of ideas for continued improvements in the coming year(s).
The Garden is open and sunny, and deer-safe, which is essential in this part of Truro!  Any member of the community is welcome to rent a space - see our application form to apply.  Fees for this year are $20 for each 10’x10’ plot.  Forms and payment can be sent to:

Garden Coordinator
Lia Alkema
68 Beechwood Drive,
Truro NS B2N 1R6

For general inquiries, email: Garden Coordinator @

“We found that the soil was quite healthy for growing our vegetables.  The deer fence was great and it was fun to be able to talk with other gardeners while we were weeding.”
- Shannon Fougere and Sue Giles, Community Gardeners

"The Town of Truro's Communities in Bloom Committee was proud to be part of the inaugural year of the Glenwood Community Garden.  It's not just about gardening.  It's about community, camaraderie, working together, sharing a laugh, and much more.  It's a real feel good experience." –Pam Haldane, Communities in Bloom Committee Member and Community Gardener

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