Glenwood Drive Community Garden
- Infrastructure Projects
The garden committee has many plans for ways to make the garden a self-sustaining, accessible outreach to our surrounding community. Some of these projects include:
Water supply – We are working on a system to collect rainwater from the back roof through eavestroughs, and feed it down the hill to a tap in the garden. 
Driveway – To make the garden accessible for those with mobility challenges, we hope to build a driveway down the hill to a single parking space outside the gate.  We are considering several options, from a gravel drive to “grass paver” grids that provide stability while allowing grass to grow through. 
Greenhouse –  The greenhouse at the bottom of the hill belongs to one of our gardeners.  It has been moved to the site to be used by all community garden members.   
Other infrastructure projects include a drainage ditch and a garden shed.

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