Glenwood Drive Community Garden
Garden Rules and Gardener Responsibilities - 2015
  • The vision for the Glenwood Drive Community Garden is for it to be a place of beauty, fellowship and peace for growing, learning, eating and having fun.
  • By joining the membership of the Garden, you are agreeing to help make this vision a reality.
  • The standard plot fee is $20 per plot, and each household may use up to three plots per year. (Inexperienced gardeners must start with one plot.)
  • If you return the following year, you will be guaranteed the use of the same plot(s) as long as you let the garden coordinator know before March 1.
  • It's important to use and care for your own plot to the best of your ability, never forgetting that different people have different gardening abilities, and that's OK!
  • Please keep the weeds down in your plot and the area surrounding it, so that weed seeds don't spread to your neighbours' plots.
  • Plant tall crops only where they won't shade neighbouring plots.
  • Don't pick anyone's crop without their permission.
  • Please respect the surrounding residential neighbours.
  • Take note that church services are held each Sunday from 10:30 – 11:30 am and from 7:00 – 8:00 pm (so maybe those aren't the best times to run the rototiller J).
  • Please, please, please don't waste good food – if you grew more than you can eat of something, consider swapping with other gardeners, or donate it to the Food Bank.
  • The Glenwood Drive Community Garden is committed to using organic gardening methods, avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. If you are struggling with invasive plants, insects or diseases, please contact the garden committee for recommendations on how to treat them in an organic manner.
  • There are a number of important events in the life of the Glenwood Drive Community Garden that you should plan to be part of. There are parts of the garden that belong to and are used by everyone, and these events are ways that everyone can contribute to the care and upkeep of these parts.
    • The Garden officially kicks into gear in the spring on Victoria Day week-end with a work party to till plots, erect the deer fence, tidy up the winter mess and start planting.
    • Throughout the summer, there may be other work parties when jobs need doing, or jobs may be posted on the garden's bulletin board to be done by whomever is willing and has time.
    • There's a final work party around mid-October to prepare the garden for winter.
    • Plan to commit around 5 hours over the course of the year to help out with communal garden tasks.
    • There are also fun things that take place throughout the year, like pancake breakfast fundraisers, potlucks, gardening classes, preserving classes, and outdoor church services. You will be invited to all of them.
    • You can also feel free to organize your own garden-related events – if indoor facilities are required, the church can be made available to you.
  • Some other communal responsibilities include cleaning up liter if you see it, and informing the garden committee as soon as possible if you notice any damage to the garden property, including the deer fence. (Especially the deer fence!)
  • Sometimes we make a commitment to a group and life happens and we can't follow through. If you have to abandon your plot for any reason, please let the garden coordinator know.
  • If you haven't planted anything by July 1, your plot will be considered abandoned and will be reassigned.
  • Your failure to fulfil the responsibilities outlined here weakens the community and the garden experience for everyone. If this is the case, you may not be guaranteed a garden plot the following year should you wish to return, especially if there is a waiting list of others who would like to use it.
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