Truro GEMS Girls Club - Introduction
Why is GEMS Important?
Introduction: What is GEMS?
What Happens at GEMS?
Why is GEMS Important?
How Can You Be a Part of GEMS?
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2013-2014 Theme

Girls are bombarded with images of “beautiful people” that most of us cannot measure up to.  These unrealistic attributes can lead to poor self-image, competition in clothing and makeup, bulling and – in extreme cases – eating disorders and other obsessive behaviours.

At GEMS we emphasize that true beauty comes from the inside and is seen in our attitudes and behaviours. It does not come from what we look like on the outside.  Only God is able to develop us into young women with beautiful hearts and attitudes that come from knowing God.

By spending time in small groups with adult leaders who love God and try to model the Christian Life in their attitudes, words and lifestyles, girls at GEMS learn to love who they are in Christ.  They find their identity in a God who loves them unconditionally and who as a wonderful plan for their life!

How Can You Be a Part of GEMS?

Truro GEMS Club is always accepting new girls who have a desire to grow in a relationship with Jesus.

What GEMS asks of girls:
Show up on time and be ready to start at 7:00 pm
Wear your GEMS t-shirt
Come ready to have a good time with other girls and your leaders
Come with a desire to learn about Jesus, to learn new skills and crafts, and to participate in projects.
Follow the safety rules & classroom rules.
What GEMS asks of parents:
Walk inside with your daughter when you drop her off.
Fill out Registration Forms (first night)
Pay the annual dues of $30 per girl (only if your family is able)
Help your daughter keep track of special nights or events.
Bring your daughter every GEMS night.
Come inside to pick up your daughter promptly at 9:00 (or join us for Praise and Worship between 8:30 – 9:00).
Details on our current GEMS Year!

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